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A New Trend Of Using LED Grow Light In Greenhouses

Chances are if you have been growing indoors for a while you have invested in lights which draw substantial wattage.
One of the benefits of LED technology is the ability to generate the equivalent wattage but at less than half the power usage.
These lights will pay for themselves!
**Please view the power calculator for ROI.
TRUE LED also offers EFI rated versions of our Mars II Series LED Grow Lights.
Advantages of TRUE LED Grow Lights
If you compare our LED Lights to others in the market you will find that no other US Company offers 5w LED Grow Lights at these prices and warranty.
We also offer on-site service if you can’t afford down time.
Longer life:
The normal life of a TRUE LED Grow Light is between 6 to 12 years.
TRUE LED Grow Lights emit very little heat:
Using large heat sinks and fans, these lights are only warm to the touch.
Daisy Chain several lights together for better coverage
Grow everything!
Beyond cannabis, you can use these lights to grow many different vegetables and fruits, and plants. Some of our clients also grow: peppers, roses, tomatoes, basil, as well as many others.